Advisor is the hyper parameters tuning system for black box optimization.

It is the open-source implementation of Google Vizier with these features.

  • Easy to use with API, SDK, WEB and CLI
  • Support abstractions of Study and Trial
  • Included search and early stop algorithms
  • Recommend parameters with trained model
  • Same programming interfaces as Google Vizier
  • Command-line tool just like Microsoft NNI.

Supported Algorithms

  • [x] Grid Search
  • [x] Random Search
  • [x] Bayesian Optimization
  • [x] TPE(Hyperopt)
  • [x] Random Search(Hyperopt)
  • [x] Simulate Anneal(Hyperopt)
  • [x] Quasi Random(Chocolate)
  • [x] Grid Search(Chocolate)
  • [x] Random Search(Chocolate)
  • [x] Bayes(Chocolate)
  • [x] CMAES(Chocolate)
  • [x] MOCMAES(Chocolate)
  • [ ] SMAC Algorithm
  • [x] Early Stop First Trial Algorithm
  • [x] Early Stop Descending Algorithm
  • [ ] Performance Curve Stop Algorithm